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  • by Scott Sajowitz

Be Good To The Planet


The fashion and textile industries are one of the largest culprits of pollution in the world.

Traditional clothing produces not only a large amount of excessive material waste, but over half of clothing produced ends up in a landfill within a year. The production of standard cotton shirts creates a horrific amount of pesticides and toxins, and also requires oceans of water to produce.



Materials We Use


Organic Cotton

 organic cotton tee



Not only does our organic cotton shirts feel softer than standard cotton, but they have less impact on the environment. No toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton and it has significantly less water and energy needs. These shirts also lack the toxic dyes and treatments of your standard cotton shirt.



Sustainable Bamboo

 bamboo shirt



Sustainable, ultra-soft, eco-friendly; bamboo has it all. Requiring 1/3 of the water needed of standard cotton, this naturally self replenishing resource is also biodegradable. The benefits of our bamboo tees are that they are literally the softest option available, antibacterial, and moisture wicking.



Organic Wool

 wool hat


Naturally sustainable, biodegradable, and less impactful to produce. Wool that is harvested from livestock has been around for generations in the textile industry. Durable,

breathable. moisture wicking, and great at temperature regulating, it's a good alternate to lighter fabrics.



Sustainable Hemp


hamp tees 


One of the newest sustainable fabrics available is Hemp. This fabric uses less water than traditional cotton to produce and does not require any harmful pesticides to produce. Our hemp fabric feels ultra-soft and provides a high-end look and feel compared regular tees.



Recycled Cotton/Poly Blend

Using a unique process that eliminates 6 plastic bottles per piece of apparel made, our recycled poly blend is the ultimate in eco-friendly material. It's as simple as “Process, Spin, Create”. We source plastic bottles from landfills, PROCESS them into a unique resin, SPIN it with a combination of poly/cotton, and CREATE  an ultra soft fabric that is also the standard in eco-friendly apparel. The best part, our recycled cotton/poly blend is one of our most popular due to the ultra-soft feel and flexibility.

 tees made from recycled plastic bottles




We're on a mission to disrupt the standards in apparel manufacturing and prove that there's a better way.

We love hearing from our customers how impressed they are with the softness of the fabric, which feels like a traditional tri-blend fabric. We are dedicated to always being at the forefront of using sustainable materials and creating unique products with them that never compromise on style. 

So join the #MindtheWild movement, and help us make an impact for the environment.




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