Benefits of being immersed in Nature

  • by Scott Sajowitz


There is something about Mother Nature that pulls us, moves us, and inspires us deep, deep down. There is a reason for this.  I’m going to share with you three fascinating effects that physiologically happen inside our bodies and minds when we are immersed in the wonders of planet earth. Whether it’s a forest. The ocean. The mountains. The open country. The local park away from the city noise. There is a reason we are drawn to these places.

  1. Vitamin D production - Did you know that getting sunlight exposure boosts overall health and vitality by enhancing calcium absorption, optimizing mood and decreasing the risk of various cancers, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes? Vitamin D improves blood flow and decreases blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels.
  2. Natural Light - this natural light exposure regulates our bodies melatonin production and circadian rhythm. Melatonin is a hormone that makes you sleepy. This hormone is produced in the pineal gland and is directly correlated to light exposure. There is a reason why we are drawn to sunlight evolutionary speaking.
  3. Negative ion rich oxygen – this amazing smelling air we get exposed to at the beach, the mountains, or a forest has a calming like effect on our mind and body. This calming effect is related to the increase in alpha brain waves. These are the same brain waves that are increased during a meditative state. Essentially, we are in somewhat of an active meditative state when we are immersed in Mother Nature. This pure, fresh air balances our neurotransmitter levels in the brain aka serotonin. Did you know that too much serotonin and we can become too tense and irritable. Too little serotonin and we can become low and depressed. This immersion in nature balances these levels out to encourage a happier, more accepting and peaceful sense of well-being in us.

Here are some wonderful activities to reap those amazing health benefits of being immersed in nature:

-Ice climbing
-Trail running


The beauty of all these activities is that regardless of the seasons. There are infinite possibilities to explore and tap into that harness the grace and beauty of planet Earth. I hope this article inspires you even more to get out there and explore. We are all interconnected to the flow, sounds, and feels of Mother Nature.


Written by: Matthew Oliphant

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