Exploring the Unknown

  • by Scott Sajowitz

The unknown is defined as the unfamiliar, undiscovered, explored, identified, or ascertained. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. For each and every one of us, it can mean something vastly different. The unknown can show itself in different scenarios big and small.

When I look back at this year (2019), the year has been one of experimentation, ups and downs, pushing my limits physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. What is interesting is that through all this adventuring, I started to realize and accept areas of myself that maybe in the past I overlooked or was disconnected from.

This discovery is what’s so powerful about traveling and exploring both near and afar. It changes and expands our mind, body, and soul. It reveals different elements about us. We start looking at ourselves not as something that needs to be hacked, fixed, and corrected all the time, but as something much deeper. We begin to shift towards a place of acceptance in all areas of our lives. We begin to face ourselves instead of running away. This acceptance helps us navigate through the unknown and complexities of life in a more resilient and compassionate manner.



What is also profound about traveling and adventuring is the level of unpredictability and unfamiliarity that we learn to embrace in every turn of the way. We never know what is around the next corner.  Will the sunrise dance on the horizon? Will the moss shimmer on a rotting log as we hike by?

I want you to look back on your previous adventures. Some of the common decisions that we commonly face are situations like where we will get healthy, quality food or where will we stock up on clean water, or simply finding our way back to the trailhead in the dark or hiking in adverse conditions or bushwhacking in the backcountry. There is an element of fear and worry that comes with traveling/adventuring in all the different types of situations we typically face. But I believe deep down, we instinctually crave these feelings because they keep us on our toes and bring out the best in us. We are fully present with what we are doing in the NOW. 

These deep, enriching experiences create this level of engagement and presence in us. It expands our awareness. It begs us to ask more questions, to get more curious with what’s out there, to explore the unknown and to go further than we ever thought possible.

Written by: Matthew Oliphant



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