How to bring the outdoors, indoors during covid-19 social isolation

  • by Scott Sajowitz

Tired of hitting "next episode" on Netflix? Missing that feeling of being outdoors? We get it.

We know, social isolation can be exhausting. Who would have thought couch quarantining would be such a drag? Well we're here to help you keep your sanity during these strange times.

indoor camping

1. Camp out, indoors.

And we mean get weird with it. Set the mood lights, break out the tent, and have a full on nature camping experience right in your home.

2. Cook ultra basic campfire food.

Because nothing says nature like a good ol' can of beans and granola bars. Bonus points if you break out travel eating utensils. 

3. Take a hike with a daypack and treadmill.

This is for those that have access to a treadmill in their home. Why not dress the part and throw on that daypack to give yourself a challenge, simulate the experience of backcountry camping, and build up those muscles for when you're really ready to hit the trails this summer.

Treadmill hike
4. Alexa, play nature sounds.

Hey we're serious….try the "nature sound" Spotify playlist to put your mind at ease and help visualize being outdoors.

5. Throw nature on the TV.

Even better, park your indoor tent in front of the TV with a nature doc playing to really get that immersive experience. Hey we never said you couldn't get a little creative.

Got some tips of your own? Drop a comment below.


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