What is the "Mind the Wild" Campaign?

  • by Scott Sajowitz

"Share your good fortune with others. Participate in charity. We may differ in our faith, religion, and culture, yet we all live together on the same boat. We are only custodians and not owners of The Earth, not its conquerors nor its destroyers."

-Native American Code of Ethics


Wild + co was started as a way to bring community together through a shared passion for the outdoors. And yeah we dig nature….a lot. So our natural next step was to evolve the brand into a campaign for good (captain planet would love this). Hence where our "Mind the Wild" campaign took form to give us an opportunity to make our parents proud.


mind the wild


So what is "Mind the Wild"? It's kind of like our mantra that dictates everything the wild + co brand stands for. Locally sourced, quality outdoor apparel? Check. Proceeds that directly go to the national forest foundation? Check. Trail clean-ups and educational events on trail stewardship? Check. Mind the Wild is a rallying cry for everyone that loves nature and wants to advocate not only for good trail stewardship but for protecting our public lands.


And the best part is that we have not just 2-3 new shirts, but 6 total new designs, each with a new slogan that is part of the "Mind the Wild" campaign. Whether it's "Nature and chill", "Ride or die with our parklands", or "take only selfies, leave only footprints"….we got you covered so you can rep Nature in style.



So join us! Whether it's at a trail clean-up or rocking your favorite new wild + co slogan shirt. Two trees get planted for every shirt or hat purchased, so it's easier than ever to be part of the wild + co.


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