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  • by Scott Sajowitz

More than just tree planting and trail clean-ups. Our "Mind the Wild Project" is a global movement inspiring millions of people to take ownership of our planet and nature. It's a simple as inspiring others to be mindful while on a trail, while also supporting larger eco-conscious initiatives that help our National Parks, Forests, Public Lands, and more. Individuals or Businesses can sign up and donate directly to the non-profit designated each quarter. 


This month we are spotlighting the National Forest Foundation and their efforts to plant trees in endangered areas: 


National Forest Foundation: Tree planting initiative 

Natural disasters such as wildfire, insects and disease outbreaks are jeopardizing the very things that make our forests so wonderful, the majestic trees that grow from Maine to California. That’s why the National Forest Foundation is undertaking an ambitious effort to plant 50 million trees across our National Forests by 2023. This is a big goal, but it’s possible with your help. We’re inviting all Americans – businesses and individuals alike – to join us as we replant America’s forests. 


By planting 50 million trees on our National Forests, we are investing in healthy forests for today and for future generations. Together, we’ll restore tens of thousands of acres of wildlife habitat, from the longleaf pine forests of Florida to the cedar groves of Alaska.

With your help, we’ll protect the watersheds that provide life’s most sustaining resource for cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle and thousands of other communities. And as these trees grow, trees you helped to plant, they’ll help fight global climate change and ensure wildlife have healthy places to live.


There's still time to join us! Learn more about the program and how you can contribute for as little as $5 each quarter.



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