Why Disconnecting is the Best Way to Fully Connect

  • by Scott Sajowitz

We live amongst it all day, every day – the ringing, dinging, and buzzing of an incredibly social and ever-connected society.

But for those who value authentic relationships and genuine interactions, it’s easy to feel more disconnected than ever.

This is why for most mountain adventurers, there’s the sense of relief the moment you finally lost the last bit of cell service on your way into the great outdoors.

You see, this funny thing happens when you’re forced to tune out and turn off.

There’s no picture to double tap, no screen to mindlessly scroll through: just eyes to see, a mind to explore, and a heart to feel. In other words, you’re forced to be fully present in your surroundings.

Nature has a way of demanding that you show up fully to your surroundings.

You’ll experience the intimate co-existing with the wilderness, which can feel like the most primal form of being “in-touch.”

This is the connection most of us seek. This is the sense of alignment and belonging we all truly require.

Living amongst the mountains is more than a lifestyle of chasing outdoor adventures.

The bigger thrill is the time and space to redefine what it really means to truly feel in touch, legitimately connected.

So here’s to those who thrive for conversations longer than 140 characters, emotions fuller than an emoji, or a redefinition of “LOL” to the actual feel of a bellowing laugh.

Here’s to the celebration of a failed text, a spotty song, or a re-routing GPS.

Here’s to getting really lost and re-found, to “figuring it out,” and hopefully finding a renewed sense of self-purpose along the way.

Here’s to the mountains, the great outdoors, and the continual search for the real meaning of being fully connected.  

Written by: Mara Elaine



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