Wild Inspired Stories & People: @Whiskeyandwoods

  • by Scott Sajowitz

STORIES and PEOPLE inspired by the Wild 👇
Our weekly series highlights a person or story, rooted in the wild. Tag someone in the comments who should be featured. 

My name is Brittany. I was Indiana born and raised but my heart has always been in the mountains. As soon as I graduated from college I packed up my car and made the drive out to Colorado. I spent many years working jobs just to make ends meet and then decided to go back to school to get my Master’s degree in clinical mental health. While I loved helping others find their path, I still felt as though I hadn’t truly found mine. 

I decided to take my future into my own hands and make the mountains and being in Mother Nature a priority. This lead me to start my dog hiking company, Take A Hike, and Western Pine, my photography company, where I focus on adventure elopements. We can’t control what life hands us but we can take steps to create our own bliss. My path just happens to be found in the mountains.


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