What we are about

The apparel industry can be one of the largest polluters in the world. So we set out to create an eco-friendly alternate that focuses on using the highest quality sustainable materials to create premium tees, headwear, and sunglasses. 

This includes using organic cotton, RPET (recyled polyester), bamboo, hemp, burlap, cork, and more. 


Mind the Wild Project

Our mission is to help the fight against one of the largest dangers to this planet; climate change. This is not a political issue or stance, but a reaction to the overwhelming changes over the past decade that have manifested in the form of uncontrollable forest fires, melting glaciers, increase in hurricane frequency and size, temperature variations affecting eco-systems, and an increase in greenhouse gas levels. 

We partner with leading non-profits taking initiatives to make impacts where they are needed most. From tree planting efforts, to Ocean and Nature Restoration, and even wildfire relief. Our donations are making a difference in areas across the world. 

For each item purchased we donate $1 to a non-profit that is in need. And with our full transparency you can see your donation during the checkout process.

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