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Our mission is to empower a generation to not only care about the environment, but also to realize the benefits of spending more time exploring the wild. We do this through our eco positive slogan "Mind the Wild" and by encouraging environmental stewardship. A simple concept, "Mind the Wild" is a call to action for a generation to take ownership over our footprint on the planet. 

We also take an active stance in benefiting nature where it needs the most help. Each quarter we partner with a different non-profit to donate 10% of our proceeds, while also encouraging individuals and businesses to join in the effort. More than just tree planting or trail cleanups, we are making a difference across the globe in National Parks, the Amazon Rainforest, National Forests, and more. 



Our passion is in creating the ultimate in eco-friendly, sustainable apparel. Our team has traveled the globe in search of materials that yield the best combination of sustainability, function and comfort. We believe that using the perfect blend of recycled material can create a better product, that's better for you and better for the planet. Shirts and tops made from recycled plastic bottles, headwear made with sustainable cork and burlap, and sunglasses made with bamboo and renewable wood sources. 



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